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Safe for families, pets and the environment! Guard your yard from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other...


Safe for families, pets and the environment! Guard your yard from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other...

Barrier How it Works

leftCall our friendly office staff and setup an appointment for your treatment, or use our 24-hour contact form on our website and send us a request for service.


Please know that no one needs to be home for service, therefore we typically do not schedule a specific time that we will arrive. We only ask that you leave a gate unlocked so we can access the back yard, and will close the gate when completed, so that your pets will not get out. If you request a specific date, we will do our best to accommodate you, but please understand that we service different areas on different days to allow our technicians a friendly fuel saving route.



left Once the appointment is scheduled, you will receive an automated email to confirm your appointment the day before.

You may have scheduled the painter to paint the shutters, the landscaper to install that new patio or pool, therefore we want to make sure we aren’t performing service or in the way of your other projects. We also want to be able to ensure optimal coverage when treating your property, therefore having to avoid working around the pool experts, or lawn guy is better for everyone. Also giving you a reminder in the event you have something come up where you need to move your service date, we can be notified and schedule accordingly.




left Our uniformed technicians will arrive, ring the doorbell & knock on your door. If your home, Great! Talk to them about any questions or concerns you may have, after all we are here to work for you. If you’re not, then that’s ok too. We will simply treat your yard, and leave a yard sign with a time and date that we were there.


Once our technicians start the treatment, the process is very quick. Sometimes taking only 10 minutes. 10 minutes you say? Yes, our backpack blowers are treating the entire area, carrying a light misting spray as far as 30 feet with a single pass, treating all the trees, shrubs and bushes around your property. Mosquitoes need only to touch a leaf that has been treated for it to be affected. The light mist will be carried throughout the thick woods, dense bushes and open lawn.




left Enjoy! That’s it! If you purchased a 1-time spray, or a special, we will send an email or give you a call to advise you of another service, if you’re interested. We won’t hound you to sign a contract. If this is just another regular scheduled spray, please keep us informed as well. After all, as much as we would love to swim in your pools, and enjoy a BBQ on your back deck with you, we aren’t always there to know if it has worn off early. A friendly call to our staff, and we will be happy to set you up a free re-spray to ensure full coverage.


You are now covered for about 21 days. Now that you have decided that you love the service, you can call us again to setup a regular service so you won’t have to remind yourself to call, and delay treatment another day!