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Safe for families, pets and the environment! Guard your yard from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other...


Safe for families, pets and the environment! Guard your yard from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other...

Fire Ant How It Works

leftCall our friendly office staff and setup an appointment for your treatment, or use our 24-hour contact form on our website and send us a request for service.


Please know that no one needs to be home for service, therefore we typically do not schedule a specific time that we will arrive. We only ask that you leave a gate unlocked so we can access the back yard, and will close the gate when completed, so that your pets will not get out. If you request a specific date, we will do our best to accommodate you.



leftOnce the appointment is scheduled, you will receive an automated call to confirm your appointment theday before.


The best times to schedule a treatment are days before a forecasted storm and after the grass has been recently been cut. While this is not a requirement, it will aid in the process.




leftOur uniformed technicians will arrive, ring the doorbell & knock on your door. If your home, Great! Talk to them about any questions or concerns you may have, after all we are here to work for you. If you’re not, then that’s ok too. We will simply treat your yard, and leave a yard sign with a time and date that we were there.


The applications process will depend on the size of your yard, taking anywhere from 30-50 minutes. After application, the technician will leave a small brochure and instructions to give you details on your application. It will need watered in. The more water, the better and faster your product will start acting. To see full results it will take approx. 4 weeks for the fire ants to be evicted from your property. Getting neighbors involved will help ensure the colony will not tunnel back and forth around the neighborhood as well. We want to push them away for good!




leftEnjoy! That’s it! Please keep us informed as well. If there are pop up mounds that you see give it a few days and the mound will collapse and the ants will move on out again. If there are concerns that they have still not evacuated the premises, let us know and we will spot treat the areas at no charge, to ensure full coverage.


You are now covered for 1 year! Again a few pop up mounds may be seen, but taking a few days before the mound will collapse is normal. Once watered in, it will penetrate the soil and prevent them from colonizing the area. Finding a spot in your yard to torment your family will no longer be an easy task for fire ants.




I don’t think we’ve seen one mosquito since you sprayed! It’s pretty incredible.


We are definitely interested in continuing the service.

David Williams Chantilly Community, Charlotte, NC


Your absolute satisfaction is extremely important to us. If you are not completely satisfied with your mosquito barrier spray, contact us before your next application, if requested within 21 days, for a free re-spray or a refund of your previous barrier spray payment. That’s how confident we are in the effectiveness of our Barrier Spray Program!...