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Safe for families, pets and the environment! Guard your yard from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other...


Safe for families, pets and the environment! Guard your yard from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other...

Mosquito FAQ’s

Does Mosquito Guard service commercial accounts and retail establishments?


faq1 Definitely! Mosquito Guard’s Retail and Commercial Spray is perfect for restaurants with outdoor seating, day cares, playgrounds and any other type of outdoor establishment. We proudly serve many local businesses, homeowner associations, parks and outdoor venues. Don’t let your guests, visitors or residents be interrupted by unwanted guests. Contact Mosquito Guard today to keep your outdoor facilities mosquito free!


Does Mosquito Guard offer just a one time application for a special outdoor occasion?


faq2 Absolutely! Mosquito Guard’s Special Event Spray is perfect for outdoor weddings, family reunions, block or pool parties, fundraisers, barbeques or birthdays. Approximately 24 hours before your special event, a Mosquito Guard professional will visit your event location and apply a treatment to the designated area that includes additional protection against biting insects. Our Special Event Spray will insure you and your guests a much more enjoyable experience. Don’t let your special celebration be interrupted by unwanted guests. Contact Mosquito Guard when you plan your next event!experience. Don’t let your special celebration be interrupted by unwanted guests. Contact Mosquito Guard when you plan your next event!


Does it cost me anything to meet with a Mosquito Guard professional?


Absolutely Not. We would love the opportunity to meet with you. You can arrange for a free consultation with absolutely no obligation whatsoever by calling 1-855-The-Guard or by emailing us.


Do I have to sign a contract for Mosquito Guard services?


No. We do not believe that contracts are necessary.


What forms of payment to you offer?


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, Cash, Check or Money Order. We also offer free and easy online ordering for our customers on the go!


How many applications are in one particular mosquito season?


The season typically (weather depending) is from early April through the end of October. A full season would consist typically of 10 treatments. However, we offer prorated seasons for those folks that start with us at different times throughout the year.


What attracts mosquitoes to me?


Answer provided by the American Mosquito Control Association,

Why some people seem to be more attractive than others to mosquitoes is the subject of much repellent (and attractant for traps) research being conducted nationwide. Carbon dioxide is the most universally recognized mosquito attractant and draws mosquitoes from up to 35 meters. When female mosquitoes sense carbon dioxide they usually adopt a zigzagging flight path within the plume to locate its source. Once in the general vicinity of a potential host, other cues predominate, including body odors (sweat, lactic acid, etc.) and heat. Odors produced by skin microflora also play a part in inducing the mosquito to land. Over 350 compounds have been isolated from odors produced by human skin. Either singly or in combination, many of these compounds may be attractants – and many may be repellents. As you can see, the situation is complicated and will require many years of testing before it can be sorted out. Visual stimuli, such as movement, also factor into host-seeking. What can be safely stated, though, is that ingestion of garlic, vitamin B12 and other systemics has been proven in controlled laboratory studies to have no impact on mosquito biting. Conversely, eating bananas did not attract mosquitoes as the myth suggests, but wearing perfumes does. People drinking beer have been shown to be more attractive to mosquitoes. Limburger cheese has also been found to be attractive. Scientists have theorized that this may explain the attractancy some mosquitoes find for human feet.


Should I rely on the information provided on this website on determining whether I have a vector-borne disease?


No. Mosquito Guard does not purport to be a medical authority, nor do we claim to have a complete list of symptoms or medical and treatment information. The information provided is for informational purposes only. You should contact a health care professional immediately if you suspect a vector-borne disease.


The information on this website has been gathered from numerous sources including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),, the National Institute of Health (NIH),, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the American Mosquito Control Association, However, in the industry, there are many contradictions from source to source and even within sources. Mosquito Guard has made every effort to present what we believe to be the most current and most widely accepted facts. However, please keep in mind that the information available changes fast and that conflicting scientific and professional opinions exist.


I don’t think we’ve seen one mosquito since you sprayed! It’s pretty incredible.


We are definitely interested in continuing the service.

David Williams Chantilly Community, Charlotte, NC


Your absolute satisfaction is extremely important to us. If you are not completely satisfied with your mosquito barrier spray, contact us before your next application, if requested within 21 days, for a free re-spray or a refund of your previous barrier spray payment. That’s how confident we are in the effectiveness of our Barrier Spray Program!...