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Safe for families, pets and the environment! Guard your yard from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other...


Safe for families, pets and the environment! Guard your yard from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other...

Why us

We recognize that you have many choices when it comes to selecting a mosquito control company…and that is a good thing.


Competition raises the bar for everyone. For you, the customer, it should come down to who you feel comfortable with and who at a minimum is going to meet and hopefully, exceed your expectations.


Below is a sampling of actual responses on why customers told us they selected us over another mosquito control company,


  • We didn’t feel like a number….thanks for taking the time to meet with us and educate us on how it works.
  • Thanks for not pressuring us into making a decision.
  • Thanks for answering all of our questions in a way that didn’t make us feel dumb.
  • Although you weren’t the cheapest, or the most expensive, we felt as though you were by far the best value.
  • Thanks for answering your phone.


The above is just a sampling of what we constantly hear from our customers. Below are a few other reasons on why we feel may be a good fit for you.


  • Mosquito Guard is an accredited business through the Better Business Bureau and a member of Angie’s List and numerous Industry agencies.
  • Mosquito Guard is a licensed applicator of pesticides in and is fully insured.
  • Mosquito Guard prides itself on its reputation as over 90% of its business is referral driven.
  • Mosquito Guard is sincere in supporting national causes, charities and local organizations.
  • The employees of Mosquito Guard continually educate themselves on changes within the industry, and take great pride in passing on the knowledge to our clients.
  • Mosquito Guard offers an-everything included mosquito control package opposed to others may charge you for all the extra things not include in your price.
  • No one in the industry has a stronger guarantee and delivers better customer service than Mosquito Guard. Period! Don’t take our word for it, free to ask one of our clients.
  • All Mosquito Guard professionals are in uniform and highly trained.
  • Mosquito Guard will never endorse a product unless we are comfortable using it around our own families. At the end of the day, the founders and employees of Mosquito Guard are parents and pet owners too.


You shouldn’t have to be at the mercy of annoying mosquitoes and their painful bites.
Safe for families, pets and the environment!

Very bad for mosquitoes, fleas and ticks!
GUARD YOUR YARD NOW and call us at 855-843-4827


I don’t think we’ve seen one mosquito since you sprayed! It’s pretty incredible.


We are definitely interested in continuing the service.

David Williams Chantilly Community, Charlotte, NC


Your absolute satisfaction is extremely important to us. If you are not completely satisfied with your mosquito barrier spray, contact us before your next application, if requested within 21 days, for a free re-spray or a refund of your previous barrier spray payment. That’s how confident we are in the effectiveness of our Barrier Spray Program!...