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Call our friendly office staff and setup an appointment for your treatment, or use our 24-hour contact form on our website and send us a  request for service.

Set Appointment

We want to be able to ensure optimal coverage when treating your property,  therefore having to avoid working around the pool experts, or lawn guy  is better for everyone. 

Day of Treatment

Our uniformed technicians will arrive, ring the doorbell  & knock on your door. If your home, Great! Talk to them about any  questions or concerns you may have, after all we are here to work for  you. 


The process is very quick.  Sometimes taking only 15 minutes! Our backpack  blowers are treating the entire area, carrying a light misting spray as far as 30 feet with a single pass, treating all the trees, shrubs and  bushes around your property. Mosquitoes need only to touch a leaf that has been treated for it to be affected. 


That’s it! If this is just another regular scheduled spray, please keep us informed as well.  After all, as much as we would love to swim in your pools, and enjoy a BBQ on your back deck with you, we aren’t always there to know if it has worn off early. A friendly call to our staff, and we will be happy to set you up a free re-spray if needed.


If you purchased a 1-time spray, or Special event spray, we will follow-up for another service, if you’re  interested. Otherwise, service is automatic, so you won’t have to remind yourself to call and schedule another treatment, as we will be out in 21 days for your next treatment.


Does Mosquito Guard service commercial accounts and retail establishments?

Definitely! Mosquito Guard’s Retail and Commercial Spray is perfect for restaurants with outdoor seating, day cares, playgrounds and any other  type of outdoor establishment. We proudly serve many local businesses,  homeowner associations, parks and outdoor venues. Don’t let your guests, visitors or residents be interrupted by unwanted guests. Contact Mosquito Guard today to keep your outdoor facilities mosquito free! 

Does Mosquito Guard offer just a one time application for a special outdoor occasion?

Absolutely! Mosquito Guard’s Special Event Spray is perfect for outdoor  weddings, family reunions, block or pool parties, fundraisers, BBQ's or birthdays. Approximately 24 hours before your special event, a  Mosquito Guard professional will visit your event location and apply a treatment to the designated area that includes additional protection against biting insects. Our Special Event Spray will insure you and your guests a much more enjoyable experience. Don’t let your special celebration be interrupted by unwanted guests. Contact Mosquito Guard when you plan your next event! 

Do I have to sign a contract for Mosquito Guard services?

 No. We do not believe that contracts are necessary. 

How many applications are in one particular mosquito season?

The season typically (weather depending) is from early April through the end of October. A full season would consist typically of 10-12 treatments. However, we offer prorated seasons for those folks that start with us at different times throughout the year. 

What attracts mosquitoes to me?

Why some people seem to be more attractive than others to mosquitoes  is the subject of much repellent (and attractant for traps) research being conducted nationwide. Carbon dioxide is the most universally recognized mosquito attractant and draws mosquitoes from up to 35 meters. When female mosquitoes sense carbon dioxide they usually adopt a  zigzagging flight path within the plume to locate its source. Once in the general vicinity of a potential host, other cues predominate, including body odors (sweat, lactic acid, etc.) and heat. Odors produced by skin microflora also play a part in inducing the mosquito to land. Over 350 compounds have been isolated from odors produced by human skin. Either singly or in combination, many of these compounds may be attractants – and many may be repellents. As you can see, the situation is complicated and will require many years of testing before it can be sorted out. Visual stimuli, such as movement, also factor into  host-seeking. What can be safely stated, though, is that ingestion of  garlic, vitamin B12 and other systemics has been proven in controlled  laboratory studies to have no impact on mosquito biting. Conversely, eating bananas did not attract mosquitoes as the myth suggests, but wearing perfumes does. People drinking beer have been shown to be more  attractive to mosquitoes. Limburger cheese has also been found to be  attractive. Scientists have theorized that this may explain the attractant some mosquitoes find for human feet. 

Answer provided by the American Mosquito Control Association,

Areas We Service


Currently we are servicing Mecklenburg County and surrounding.

With Some city areas stretching past our boundaries, we can offer limited service to parts of:

  • Monroe
  • Waxhaw
  • Gastonia
  • Rock Hill
  • Concord
  • Cornelius

Unsure if you are within our service area?

Give our friendly office staff a call and we will be happy to look up your area!

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